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Philadelphia Eagles still have a ton of cap space

The Eagles remain one of five teams with $26 million or more in cap space.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Birds have some serious bucks remaining in cap space. According to Pro Football Talk's team-by-team cap space breakdown, the Eagles have the fifth most room in the NFL. At $26.3 million, the Eagles could buy Antonio Dixon quite a few hamburgers or add depth to the roster at any point this offseason. While most would agree that the team should build through the draft, the extra dollars could come in handy for a late-offseason trade or help the team add some young veterans to the mix on the offensive and defensive lines.

As I mentioned this past weekend, there is still quite a bit of talent on the streets. Keep in mind, guys like Alan Branch and Karlos Dansby have years of 4-3 Under experience and offensive tackles like Eric Winston and Andre Smith are still on the market. Then again, you could also make a case that the reason those guys are on the market is because teams are not willing to meet their price demands. That would be pretty telling, considering 11 teams have more than $13 million in cap space.

Howie Roseman is known for surprising us when we least expect it (as I have dubbed it the Nnamdi Silence), so the cap space should keep us on our toes until kickoff in the Fall. Could there be a trade in the future? Could it be a player at a key need? Or could it do wonders for the Eagles if the team has a major offseason or in-season injury?

No matter which way it turns out, you have to feel good about the state of the team's cap. Say what you want about Howie or even Tom Heckert, but when was the last time the Eagles ever had to fight to get under the cap? That's pretty remarkable for a team that has only been under .500 twice in the last decade.

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