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Are the Eagles just a draft away?


ESPN's Matt Williamson picked 5 teams which he thinks are just one good draft away from being contenders. The Eagles were among those teams.

His reasoning is pretty simple. In free agency, they totally revamped their biggest weakness, which was the secondary. Plus they added a few 3-4 experienced players up front in Connor Barwin and Isaac Sopoaga that he thinks will mix well with the pretty impressive talent they've got up front already.

He also notes that the struggles on the offensive line last year were due more to injuries than underperformance and that with that group healthy it should be much improved. So with no huge glaring needs, the Eagles are free to grab the best player on their board throughout the draft.

While there is much change going on in Philadelphia, they have fantastic draft assets and really not many glaring needs considering where their draft position is. The Eagles should truly be able to often select the best player on their board rather than picking for positional needs. There isn't a powerhouse in the NFC East, and if the draft goes well -- which it really should -- the Eagles might just finish the 2012 season atop their division. Stranger things have happened.

I actually agree with much of what Williamson said. The secondary can't be any worse than last year. I like the players they've got up front on the defense. I am a bit skeptical of all the injured offensive lineman from last year getting fully healthy, but even the return of most of them will make for a pretty big improvement. But overall, you certainly can see how this team has the potential to be a lot better than last season, especially with Chip Kelly at the helm.

But there's one pretty significant question mark that Williamson kind of glossed over... Quarterback. Maybe Chip Kelly actually plays to Michael Vick's strengths and he improves, but at his age he is what he is. Nick Foles was a question mark even before a coach whose famous system doesn't really fit him.

So are the Eagles a decent bet to be better than 4-12? Sure. Could they even be pushing for a wildcard spot? That's perfectly believable... But if this draft doesn't include a franchise QB, I can't see how it makes this team true contenders.

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