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Donovan McNabb says Vince Young deserves a second chance

Jay Drowns

A hot new QB has emerged this offseason thanks to a standout performance at his pro day. Gil Brandt, who attended the University of Texas pro day was effusive in his praise of this young guy.

Brandt was more effusive in his praise, saying Young "put on a show" and was "magnificent" passing the ball in the pocket and on the run. Brandt touted Young's accuracy; a few of Young's long tosses to Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin drew "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd.

Wait a second... "young" is capitalized? Is that typooOOOOH THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT VINCE YOUNG!

Vince Young, who has been in the NFL for 7 years worked out at the University of Texas pro day and evidently impressed scouts! It's almost like those 50 games he started in the NFL has amazingly made him stand out amongst a bunch of 22 year old college kids.

Young's performance at his a pro day has prompted noted QB guru Donovan McNabb to declare that it's time for the NFL to give Vince Young a "second chance."

"He deserves a second chance," McNabb said. "Quarterback play has been really declining by a lot of different teams. A lot of guys are restructuring contracts [and] releasing their quarterbacks. Give him an opportunity to get back on his feet and also get himself established in this league. He was able to apologize to [Coach Jeff] Fisher and move on with his life. Give him an opportunity, bring him into camp and show his talents once again - he did it at the Texas Pro Day [today]. Obviously a lot of eyes were focused on him [today,] he was able to elevate and show he is still working hard to get back be an elite quarterback."

Now if we're going to get technical it's not a second chance... it's a fourth chance since he's already been on 4 different NFL teams. But hey, who's counting?!

So... yeah. Vince Young everyone! Come and get him!

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