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The Linc - A year to forget for Philly fans

When Was the Last Time All Four Philly Sports Teams Failed to Make the Playoffs in Succession?
With the Flyers tumbling further and further down the standings, it looks like the home teams are going to let the people down in a way they haven’t in nearly two decades.

RG3′s knee surgeon: Griffin is ‘superhuman’ in recovery | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
RG3 is doing great... says the doctor who sat on the sidelines as the obviously injured QB stayed in the game to ensure his knee would get worse and worse until it finally popped.

Trumaine Johnson arrested for drunk driving - Turf Show Times
Shockingly, the guy who had major character concerns in college didn't decide to turn his life around when an NFL team made him a millionaire!

Ex-Cowboy Hurd re-indicted on drug charges
Seriously, what is it with the Cowboys and cocaine?

Ed Reed, Brian Urlacher, and the Curse of the Hometown Premium - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
You're probably familiar with the "hometown discount," the millions of dollars that a player entering free agency is supposed to leave on the table so he can exhibit loyalty to the piece of laundry that acquired his rights (often with little or no input from the player in question). You might not be quite as familiar, though, with the "hometown premium." Fresh Starts
Many of the high end draft prospects are former junior college stars. It was there where they had a fresh start and in some instances a transformation. Each has their own story and in some of these cases they are truly great stories. Star Lotulelei, Lane Johnson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Sheldon Richardson, Menelik Watson, Jesse Williams, and Sylvester Williams are all former JC stars.

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