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NFL free agency: The best of what's available

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Free agency is only a week old and yet in many ways it already feels like it's over. The big signings have ground to a halt and the news has significantly slowed with it.

However, there are still some good players on the market and the Eagles still have nearly $18 million to spend on this year's cap. Here's a look at some of the top guys and some thoughts on whether the Eagles would have interest.

Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Patriots - This is a guy we've talked about before that would make for a perfect fit in Chip Kelly's up tempo offense. Reportedly the the Eagles have interest at a certain price. If Vollmer's price comes down to that, the Eagles could pounce.

Andre Smith, OT, Bengals - He is arguably the biggest surprise to have not signed yet given his age, high draft pedigree and premium position. As we've said before, he probably doesn't have the athleticism to keep up in a high temp offense.

Eric Winston, OT, Chiefs - He's obviously the #3 choice of the RTs currently on the market, but will also come at the cheapest price. He's another guy the Eagles reportedly have interest in should the price come down to their valuation.

Elvis Dumervil, DE/OLB, Broncos - The fax snafu put Doom on the open market and he's likely to get interest. However, the Eagles are pretty well stocked with DE/OLB tweeners.

Ed Reed, S, Ravens - After a heavy flirtation with the Texans, it's really unclear where Reed will end up... but it won't be here. At his age, Reed simply doesn't fit the profile of the kind of player a rebuilding team is looking for. Plus, a rebuilding team probably doesn't fit the profile of what Reed is looking for.

Brent Grimes, CB, Falcons - The former Pro Bowler is coming off a season lost due to injury, but be could be a real buy low candidate. That said, the reason he's still on the market could very well be that he doesn't agree with the "buy low" part of that. Still, it's likely that Grimes will end up having to sign an affordable 1 year deal somewhere to prove he is healthy.

Antoine Winfield, CB, Vikings - A very good slot corner and excellent tackler even at his advanced age. Still, the reasoning with Ed Reed applies where the Eagles are concerned.

Victor Butler, LB, Cowboys - You get the feeling that Butler expected to get snapped up in that initial rush for pretty good money but it didn't happen. He's been effective for the Cowboys but only in a reserve role. He was likely looking for starting money but didn't find it. Could be an affordable, 3-4 experienced option at LB.

Karlos Dansby, LB, Dolphins - The veteran got cut in the wake of Miami's free agent splurge but is still a durable and productive LB in a 3-4. He's amassed 237 tackles over the last 2 seasons.

Brandon Moore, OG, Jets - If the Eagles end up grabbing another Jake Scott type of veteran stop gap at RG, Moore could be the best option. He's started every game for the Jets since 2005.

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