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The Linc - Foles will have a "great opportunity"

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Lurie On Foles: 'He's Going To Have A Great Opportunity' | Birds 24/7
"I think it’s to be determined but Nick showed an awful lot before he broke his hand," said the Eagles owner. "Poise and accuracy. We’re real excited about Nick. I think the best thing is to say to be determined how it’s going to work, but he’s going to have a great opportunity. He’s really bright, he’s a very hard worker, he has all the intangibles. We just have to see how he can maximize it or not."

Roseman on the No. 4 pick, Foles, Watkins, Benn and more
IS DANNY WATIKINS THE PENCILED-IN STARTER AT RIGHT GUARD RIGHT NOW? "I don’t know if we’ve gotten to penciled-in starters right now. We have a minicamp coming up and we’ll see who lines up, and even if they line up with the first team or the second team, at camp things change."

Breaking down Eagles' eight new contracts | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Details of the contracts for the Eagles’ major free agency acquisitions, notably safety Kenny Phillips, linebacker Connor Barwin and cornerback Cary Williams, show team-friendly deals that don’t commit the Eagles to their new players beyond a year or two.

Eagles taking it easy at NFL meetings
Roseman said his conversations with his peers so far involve "kind of decompressing from free agency and having those conversations about free agency and the free-agent market, and then, as we transition to the draft, making sure we explore all options."

All-22: How Arrelious Benn Fits With Eagles - Birds 24/7
If Kelly’s past is any indication, Eagles wide receivers are going to see a lot of screens next season. Benn has some experience there. Twenty-one of his 59 career receptions, or about 36 percent, have come at or behind the line of scrimmage.

Retaining starters and free agent activity: Part 2 | National Football Post
So far, players who started about 8% of all 2012 games have been signed by new teams. There are still players accounting for about 17% of 2012 starts available on the open market. Some of those will be resigned by their 2012 team, some will move on to new teams and some will find there is no longer a market for their services.

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