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Geno Smith is the 1st workout Eagles owner Jeff Lurie attended since Donovan McNabb

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie accompanied coach Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman to WV for a private workout with Geno Smith. It's the first time he went on such a trip since the team was scouting Donovan McNabb.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie is in Arizona this week for the NFL's annual owners meetings and took a few minutes to speak to local media.

Lurie was asked about his curious presence on the scouting trip to see QB Geno Smith. None of us can remembering him ever doing that before and with good reason.... Lurie says the last time he went on a scouting trip was to see Donovan McNabb.

Lurie said that part of the reason for his visit was that the #4 pick the team holds this year is the highest it's had since that 1999 draft. However, as Tim McManus noted, that doesn't mean he plans on visiting every potential #4 overall pick.

"Not necessarily," Lurie responded. "When you select a quarterback it's a very big decision so you want to have every piece of information you can and just have as many eyes on it. Nothing more than that, but it's an important thing."

Speculate away!

A few other takeaways from Lurie's media session.

- The biggest lesson learned from the "dream team" debacle" Don't sign any players that call it a dream team.

- If the New York Super Bowl is deemed a success, he'll push to have one in Philadelphia.

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