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Cullen Jenkins: Eagles were "an epic fail"


Cullen Jenkins was one of two players this offseason to switch sides in the Giants/Eagles rivalry. Kenny Phillips came here, while Cullen went up the turnpike. Jenkins was of course part of the 2011 free agent splurge that Vince Young unfortunately dubbed the "dream team."

Speaking to NY sports radio last week, Jenkins admitted that the moniker certainly did not help them.

"It definitely didn't help. Any time you put a label on yourself like that, you're gonna have teams sitting there waiting to pick you off. And everybody's gonna circle you, mark you on the calendar. And it definitely brought a lot of unnecessary attention and we got the best games from everybody. And everybody couldn't wait to knock us down, beat us, and prove to us that we weren't as good as we thought we were."

And exactly how are those Eagles teams going to be remembered?

"And any time you're not able to win, that's gonna be how you're remembered. And for us, we weren't able to win so it's gonna be remembered as an epic fail."

Epic fail. I'd say that describes the 2011-2012 Eagles quite well.

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