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NFL Draft scouting report: Dion Jordan, OLB/DE, Oregon

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The Eagles have a daunting task of making a smart pick at the number 4 spot in the 2013 NFL and hitting on this pick will indeed be huge. That's why I have enlisted a few of our own to try and convince the masses that THEIR GUY is OUR GUY with "Pound the Table." The other day, Joshua G. Clayton brought Star Lotulelei to center stage. Now, Oregon's Dion Jordan is on the docket. Jordan has been a talked about commodity for the Eagles, and there is probably no one in the BGN-iverse that knows more about him than KJBrophy. The long-time BGNer and Oregon fan has a lot to say, so I won't continue typing. Here is what Kenny had to say:

"Coach Kelly loves versatility & in my opinion you don't get more versatile then Jordan."

When new head coach Chip Kelly said he wanted to use a hybrid defense the one player that immediately popped into my head and he happens to be a special guy in our new coach's heart is Oregon DE/OLB Dion Jordan. Coach Kelly loves versatility & in my opinion you don't get more versatile then Jordan.

Pros: The extremely athletic & explosive Jordan provides positional flexibility having played both sides of the ball, was also a beast on special teams early in his Ducks career before transitioning to defense. Can put his hand in the dirt, match up with tight ends or cover receivers in the slot. Raw pass rusher but flashes inside swim/spin move, he is able to bend low around the edge while maintaining his speed to get after the quarterback. Not contact shy, willing to mix it up when challenged, can disengage to chase plays from behind or grab ball carriers in his area. The ultimate chess piece on defense.

Cons: Has only played defense for three years after being recruited by Oregon as a top ten tight end out of high school. Will need to add a couple pounds to his frame after his shoulder recovers from surgery. Even though he's made some big hits(Hey how ya doing Kevin Prince?) he needs to be physical on a more consistent basis. Needs to tackle better, can take sloppy angles & fails to wrap up sometimes. Susceptible to cut blocks needs to learn & see how to beat them.

Final Word: Dion Jordan's box scores may not excite everyone but Chip Kelly & Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti asked him to drop into coverage a lot when he was at Oregon. Jordan can be a difference making franchise player(when was the last time the Eagles could say they had that in a linebacker?) and I don't think you can pass that up, Jordan & Fletcher Cox would make one of the best one-two punches in a front seven in the entire league when they are both developed.

Should we go Dion Jordan? What are your thoughts? Next up is drc242 with Dee Milliner.

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