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The Linc - Marcus Lattimore visiting Eagles?


Barwin caps big Birds day
"You're talking about a guy who has dropped in coverage, he'll set the edge and he's able to play standing up (in a 3-4) or with his hand down. "This is a guy who plays with his hair on fire. He has the characteristics we look for in a defensive player."

Cary Williams Out To Show He Is Not A 'Crazy Wild Man' | Birds 24/7
"I describe myself as a human being, man, a guy that is trying to learn life and trying to change the way he is being perceived," said Williams. "If you perceive me as a crazy wild man then I think your perception is off. When you get to know me as a person I think you’ll have a change of heart."

Eagles add Kenny Phillips, Cary Williams - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I think it's a fantastic signing by the Eagles. When healthy, Phillips is a complete player who makes the entire defense better. He can help direct the coverage on the back end and allow the other safety to move up into the box and play the run. But he's also strong in run support, which allows him to switch roles with whoever the other safety is (currently Patrick Chung, it appears, in Philadelphia) and keep the offense guessing. I have been of the opinion that one of the main problems the Giants' defense had in the second half of the 2012 season was the absence of Phillips, who was dealing with persistent knee problems. I just think his presence helped make fellow safety Antrel Rolle a more effective player and even had an impact on the pass rush.

NFL could eliminate 'tuck rule'
The tuck rule could disappear from NFL games if owners approve a proposal from the competition committee to dump it. " Eagles and Reid’s Different Free Agency Philosophies On Display by Matt Lombardo
Tight end James Casey headlines the Eagles new additions, the organization has taken a sharply different approach to free agency than in the summer of 2011.

Riley Cooper Loves, Is Going To Miss Andy Reid But Thinks Change Is Good " CBS Philly
Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper says he's going to miss Andy Reid.

RB Marcus Lattimore was in Philadelphia yesterday...Was he visiting the Eagles?

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