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Connor Barwin's contract is very team friendly

When you break it down, the Eagles signed Connor Barwin to a relatively team friendly deal

Bob Levey

As is the case with many free agent deals, there was some sticker shock when the news of Connor Barwin's contract started to leak out.

6 years for $36 million! Wow monster money!

But then we all start to remember that NFL contracts are about one thing, guaranteed money. Eagles fans will remember when Demetress Bell signed a 5-year, $35 million deal last offseason. He's not here anymore and it didn't cost the Eagles a dime to cut him. That's because all of his guarantees were in the first year.

It was soon revealed that Barwin's deal included just $8 million in guarantees. There's also another $4 million in incentives that are possible. Here's how it breaks down.

- The guaranteed money is all in the first two years.

- In the first 3 years of the deal he'll make $13.5 million

- If you do the math, that means the last 3 years are heavily backloaded with $22.5 million dollars, none of which is guarnateed.

So here's how this deal is going to work. If after 2 years, he's not living up to what they expect they wipe their hands of it and he's gone for nothing.

If he's playing generally up to expectations he'll get 3 years of the contract and make about $4.5 mil a year doing so.

If he exceeds expectations and is a perennial double digit sack guy, he can make upwards of $7-8 million a year over the last 3 years of the deal. But frankly, that's never going to happen. If in 3 years, he's a consistent double digit sack guy or a pro bowler, he's going to be looking for a new deal anyway. If he's not, he'll be cut.

There's almost no way these last 3 years of the deal play out as is.

So in all, this is a very reasonable contract any way you slice it. And as it is structured now, it is almost certainly no more than a 3 year deal.

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