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Report: Jets have "good" offer for Revis

The Jets nuttiness won't go away anytime soon but it appears they may be closer to getting rid one of their most prominent members of their crazy circus.


Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets continue to be at an impasse, but according to Pro Football Talk, the team has a "good" offer from an unknown team wanting to deal for the disgruntled cornerback. A league source, who dropped the news onto PFT, also mentions that they have good compensation package aimed at locking Revis up long-term. The report mentions that the financial side of the deal has not been put in front of the Revis camp.

Compensation in a trade has been rumored from 1st round to multiple mid-round picks, so what a "good" offer is, is kind of murky. That said, so are the teams that would be willing to pay the picks and crazy money that Revis wants. The Eagles, Browns, and Bucs may be the most likely candidates when you consider cap space, picks and need, but those are all young teams that need a lot of work before they make any playoff runs. Revis is likely the type of guy you to go after if you are just a player away, so would it be worth the investment on a rebuilding team? Is the ACL injury enough to drop Revis' value to a reasonable contract number and pick package?

A few other teams to consider are the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings who now both have two first round picks. Another team that is worth noting is the Indianapolis Colts, that has decent space and needs help in the secondary, despite making the playoffs in 2012.

What type of value would you be okay with trading to the Jets if the Eagles are the team with the "good" offer? How much are you looking to pay to move "Revis Island" to Philadelphia?

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