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Eagles free agency rumors: James Harrison interested in crossing PA lines

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tim McManus spoke with the agent for former Steelers LB James Harrison and he says the 5x Pro Bowler would be interested in crossing the Poconos to the eastern part of the state and joining the Eagles.

"They are one of the teams that we have talked about," Harrison's agent Bill Parise told Birds 24/7. "I think the Eagles would be a good fit with his skill set and what they want to do there."

The prevailing thought is that the soon to be 35 year old Harrison would want to go to a contender, but Parise says they are confident in the Eagles new coaching staff and that a rebuild won't take long.

"It won't scare us that they were not a playoff team last year," he said. "I think, frankly, it might be a really good place to go."

A few things first... For one, there are probably almost no teams that Harrison's agent would not say he'd be open to playing for. Obviously if he still wants to play and get another contract, there's 31 potential employers (assuming he won't go back to Pitt). So he's not going to limit his market.

Certainly, the Eagles as a team transitioning to a 3-4 or some type of similar scheme, would be a team that Harrison's agent would look toward since Harrison is a career long 3-4 LB.

That said, I can't see why the Eagles would have any interest. There was a time that James Harrison was arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, but that time is long past. My girlfriend is from Pittsburgh and her whole family are Steeler fans so I actually find myself watching more Steelers games than pretty much every but Steelers fans and I can say that I really think Harrison is done.

Like many great pass rushers, I'm sure he could still be good for a handful of sacks as he still has the instincts to get to the QB, but he's painfully slow at this point. Watching him in coverage is not a pretty sight. Perhaps he'll come into next season healthier than he was and can be more effective, but he's missed 8 games over the last 2 seasons and will turn 35 in 2 months. If he is healthier to start the year, he doesn't seem likely to stay that way.

I like James Harrison and he's had a great career, but I'd say "thanks but no thanks" on this one.

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