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Surprise! The Bleeding Green Nation Mailbag Is Back!

The Return of BGN Mailbag!

SB Nation

Once upon a time, some BGN legend guy named JimmyK (aka Jimmy Kempski, the guy who runs Blogging the bEast) came up with the innovative idea for a BGN mailbag. Despite massive success, the BGN mailbag disappeared for a long time and was never to be seen again.

That is... until today. The BGN mailbag is officially back and fully operational!

How It Works (quoted directly from the immortal JimmyK himself)

Send along whatever questions you may have - I don't even care if they're football related or not, quite frankly. Have a question about LeSean McCoy? Fine. Have a question about your girlfriend? Also fine. Hate mail is even encouraged.

We'll take any and all questions.

How To Enter A Question

There's 2 ways to enter a question.

  1. Email your question(s) to: BGNmailbag (at)

  2. Follow me on Twitter (@BrandonLeeSBN) and tweet me your question using the hashtag "#BGNmailbag" so I know to save it for the mailbag.


  • Here's a sample of what the first edition of the mailbag looked like.
  • Ideally this will be a weekly feature at BGN.
  • I'll be the one mainly coordinating the BGN mailbag, but all members of the BGN staff (Jason, Eliot, Mike, Dan, etc) will be answering questions.

So that's it! Go crazy, have fun, and thanks in advance for participating.

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