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Philadelphia Eagles Round Table Discussion: Sign-Up Schedule #1

You'll have more fun than the kid in the picture, I promise. Given the number of people who e-mailed me, I figured it would be smarter and more efficient to create a sign-up schedule. Might as well let interested readers/contributors decide their topic of preference. Up first: Cap casualties and Combine hype.

Grant Halverson

Let's see here. The next week will be pretty dominated by further salary cap casualties and Combine hype. Seems like a good place to start. Was four a good number of participants to have per article? I'm open to suggestions for more or less. Anyway, here's the deal. I'll present the topics and their dates of publication. If something interests you to the point of wanting to write about it, e-mail me ( If you have e-mailed me previously, you'll get first priority. I'll also take into account whatever recommendations are made in the comments section. Check back in on the article over the next 24-48 hours, I'll list the selected participants under each title and then send out questions. I hope to get things underway with a double-header of round tables on Monday.

Topic 1: Other Cap Casualties/Eagles' $23M of Cap Rollover. To be published on Monday, February 11.

Writers: Sean (@phllyphootball), Brent (, Trent (BGN -- HawaiianGreen), Nathan (

We talk a lot about which Eagles we hope will get cut, might as well focus on already released or potential soon-to-be-released players on other teams. Maybe someone else's "trash" can become our "treasure." Are there players out there who have been or are about to be discarded who would fit this roster? JasonB already floated the idea of a Quintin Mikell reunion if the Rams go that route.

I'll also ask your opinions on the juicy $23 million of salary cap carryover the Eagles secured thanks to a provision in the CBA. What do you want to do with $23 million? Save it? Spend it in free agency? Spend it to re-sign more core players to long-term contracts?

Edit: Wasn't enough interest for two Combine articles, so I'll just do one for next week and publish it on Wednesday, February 13.

Writers: Kunal (BBV -- Invictus XI), Brian (BGN -- shady54), Rohan (BGN -- rohan915), Patrick (BGN -- armchairGM), Vince (BGN -- Vince Q)

Topic 2: Initial NFL Scouting Combine Buzz. To be published on Monday, February 11.

Never a dull moment for the NFL, as the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis begins in less than two weeks. On Wednesday, February 20, to be exact. The official invite list was just released, and I'm sure all the draft heads out there -- both seen and unseen -- have singled out names they'll be watching extra carefully. I'm sure they're also ready to cry foul about the guys they feel got snubbed. What about surprise inclusions, or players on the list whom you hadn't heard of until now?

Topic 3: One Week's Worth of Combine Buzz. To be published Thursday, February 14.

I'm anticipating getting a lot of interest for the Combine article (draft content always generates the most interest), so I'll break it up into two articles to span next week.

Have at it. If this experiment goes smoothly, I'll continue to post a weekly schedule sign-up for round table discussions. Thanks again in advance for supporting the feature and making it possible.

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