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Eagles free agency target: Quintin Mikell

Former Eagles S Quintin Mikell could be a cap casualty this offseason. Would the team be interested in bringing him back?


While I was browsing a few of our fine NFL blogs here at SBNation, I came across an interesting piece over at our Rams' site, Turf Show Times. St. Louis is less than $2 million under the cap next season, but they could get another $9 million by cutting one player.

Quintin Mikell.

The Eagles have had a hole at safety ever since Mikell left and if he comes free this offseason, they could correct the mistake they made by letting him walk. He will be 33 next season, so he's hardly a long term solution, but he's still productive. He totaled 101 tackles and 4 forced fumbles last season.

Whether or not Mikell is viable option depends on a few things. First and foremost that he gets cut loose from St. Louis. But the market for his services will also dictate whether they'd be interested. The Eagles are working with limited cap space themselves, so I can't see them putting big money into a 33 year old safety.

Plus, while Mikell still has a good relationship with Eagles fans and obviously knows the area... As I keep reminding people, Andy Reid is gone. The whole staff that he knew and had a relationship with is gone. So I don't think we can really assume he'd necessarily take any kind of discount to come back.

I think we'd all probably like to see a more long term solution at safety, but bringing back Mikell would be a popular move that would help in the short run.

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