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Eagles defensive coordinator search: Georgia's Grantham still in the mix?


One of the early names connected to the Eagles defensive coordinator job was Georgia's Todd Grantham. He was a logical choice as he runs a 3-4, he's had success in college and has extensive NFL experience.

However, the Eagles never spoke with him. Local reporters asked the Georgia athletic department if the team had contacted them for permission to speak with Grantham and the response was that they had not. Speculation also shifted to the idea that the Eagles had their eye on one of the Super Bowl coaches.

But now there's been a trickle of reports that Grantham still may be in play. La Canfora, whose credibility has taken a hit this year, claims that the Bulldogs defensive coordinator could still end up with the Eagles and may also interview with the Saints.

That is, unless the Saints don't become the next team to be fooled into thinking Rob Ryan is capable coach.

Still, other reports contradict that Grantham is looking to leave the college ranks. A recruit's mother told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Grantham assured her son that he was not leaving Georgia.

"Coach Grantham talked to Davin and assured him that he had nothing to worry about and that he was staying at Georgia and he would be Davin's position coach," Mrs. Bellamy said. "He's been recruiting him now for several months and Davin has his word that he will be there when Davin starts at Georgia in the fall. I was glad to hear that."

Of course, it wouldn't be any surprise whatsoever to learn that Grantham was less than truthful to a recruit. That's pretty much par for the course in college football.

Whether it's Grantham or one of the 49ers or Ravens assistants, we should be getting some news on the Eagles next defensive coordinator very soon. The parade was yesterday in Baltimore so presumably a guy like Ted Monachino is free to interview and if Grantham's plan is to trick recruits into signing with Georgia before he bolts for the NFL, national signing day is today. So he'll be free to move on afterward.

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