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Conflicting Reports On If Michael Vick Will Remain With Eagles

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The February 6th deadline once thought to be the day the Eagles had to release Vick might no longer be the deadline, but that has not stopped speculation from flying on when and what the Eagles will do with their former franchise quarterback.

What is being said?

Jon Kincade of CBS Sports is reporting that the Eagles are trying to renegotiate a deal with Vick.

John Clayton of ESPN is reporting that the Eagles could release Vick by Friday.

Tim McManus of Eagles 24/7 is reporting that he expects Vick to be on the Eagles past February 6th.

The reality is that there is probably truth to all of that. The Eagles probably have spoken to Vick about redoing the deal, they likely will keep him past February 6th, and doing that does not mean they could not cut him by the end of the week.

So while we don't know what is true and what will ultimately happen, if Vick does remain on the roster past February 6th, in my opininon that definitely means something.

What could it mean? Let's speculate.

If the February 6th deadline passes and Vick is on the roster, that in my opinion is a strong indication that the Eagles are very much open to having him start for them next year. While Kelly has only been on the job a few weeks and has been busy hiring a staff, it's safe to say that he has spent a good amount of time watching tape of Vick and Nick Foles, deciding who could be his quarterback. Watching tape at an NFL level is not as simple as fans putting together an All-22 post, but if after all of this time Kelly is still not ready to cut Vick, that means he is at least intrigued.

If he knew at this point that he does not want Vick, why would the Eagles risk having to pay him? There is a very good chance that Vick will make over $3 million next year no matter where he plays. With that in mind, the Eagles could keep him past February 6th with the peace of mind in knowing that if they cut him, chances are they will not have to pay him.

But who knows? Why risk it if there was not a realistic chance that Vick could be this team's starting quarterback next year.

It is possible that the Eagles could be holding onto Vick in hopes of trading him. The hard part of that, however, is finding a trade partner. Why would a team give up a draft pick for a quarterback who they think could be had on the open market?

Now saying that Chip Kelly is open to Vick being his quarterback is not exactly an earth shattering statement. What is interesting about it, however, is that if Kelly really is going to keep Vick and let him compete with Foles....does anyone think Foles will actually beat out Vick in training camp?

Vick has a better arm, is faster, is a better play maker and has more NFL experience. Vick will look better in mini-camps and training camp then Foles will. If Kelly watches the tape of Vick missing blitzes, fumbling the ball and taking sacks and then still wants to give him a chance? Then it's hard to see Foles beating out Vick in an open competition.

The path to Vick starting for this team is still a long one. Keeping Vick past February 6th does not mean that the Vick jerseys should be taken off the sales rack. It does mean something tho. It does mean there is a chance.

That's my opinion on it. What do you think- is there a chance Vick starts next year? Does keeping him past February 6th increase those chances?

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