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Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Leon Sandcastle and Samsung top the list

For a full recap and video of every Super Bowl commercial, check out SBNation's Super Bowl commercial hub.

Overall, I thought it was a relatively light year for Super Bowl commercials with companies mostly relying on the old standards of hot ladies and funny animals. However, there were some standouts that I thought were worth sharing this morning.

My favorite spot of the night came from the NFL itself, with Deion Sanders as "Leon Sandcastle" to promote NFL Network's combine and draft coverage. It was really well done, genuinely funny and pretty creative as well. It was also our pal FakeWIP caller's favorite spot of the night.

The other one I really liked was Samsung's commercial with Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd & Bob Odenkirk. It harkened back a little bit to Rudd & Rogen's famous banter from the deleted scenes of The 40 Year Old Virgin and was just funny and different. Super Bowl commercials are typically so over the top and in your face, I thought it was cool to see one that was more laid back & understated but still actually funny.

Where there any others that you particularly liked?

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