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2014 Super Bowl Odds: Patriots favored, Eagles a big long shot

Ezra Shaw

With the confetti still on the ground in the wake of the 2013 Super Bowl, the odds for who wins the 2014 game are already out. RJ Bell of has the Pats as the surprise favorite for next season and the Super Bowl losing Niners at #2. The Ravens come in at 14/1 to repeat.

The Eagles obviously have quite a ways to go and at 50/1 their odds certainly reflect that... but at least we're not the Jaguars or Raiders at 150/1.

Finally, if I was going to pick one possible value bet out of this list, I'd say the Bears at 30/1 would be it. They're coming off a 10-6 season and they're a better team than both the Cowboys and Redskins, who are also both listed at 30/1. If Mark Trestman can do some work with that offense, they could be a real threat next season. Even as currently constructed, are they really a worse team than the Steelers or Saints who are favored higher than them? I don't think so.

2014 Super Bowl Odds

Houston Texans: 14 to 1

Atlanta Falcons: 18 to 1

New York Giants: 20 to 1

Dallas Cowboys: 30 to 1

Chicago Bears: 30 to 1

Detroit Lions: 40 to 1

New York Jets: 50 to 1

Miami Dolphins: 50 to 1

St Louis Rams: 50 to 1

Buffalo Bills: 100 to 1

Tennessee Titans: 100 to 1

Oakland Raiders: 150 to 1

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