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Super Bowl 2013: City themed beers for the big game


We've got t-minus 3.5 hours or so until the start of Super Bowl XLVII and no doubt if you're having a Super Bowl party or doing anything special food-wise for the game, those preparations are well underway. So I just wanted to get the pulse of the BGN community to see what you're up today?

Going to party? Making anything special? Just watching the game at home?

Personally, I'm hosting a small party at my house and am going with a very multicultural menu. We'll be having wings, of course, but also stromboli, taco dip and sushi.

Plus, every year I like to try to find beers brewed in the cities of the Super Bowl teams. Last year we went with Sam Adams (Boston) and Blue Point Lager (New York). This year, I was kind of stumped because I honestly had never heard of any San Francisco or Baltimore beers, so I asked twitter and the consensus picks were Anchor Steam from San Francisco and National Bohemian or "Nattie Boh" from Baltimore.

On pure sight alone, I'm going to guess that San Fran wins the beer battle...


Not sure where I'm going to find them... but I do have a craft beer store near my place.

The headline picture, by the way, is Pillsbury "Snackadium." It's pretty awesome, but I think I'll save the snack stadium until the Eagles make the big game.

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