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Nnamdi Asomugha ate lunch in his car, not with his team

Patrick McDermott

One of the more odd reports you'll see this offseason comes to us from former Eagles DT Hollis Thomas, who said on WIP this afternoon that Nnamdi Asomugha would often eat lunch in his car during practices, rather than with the team. According to Thomas, Nnamdi wanted some "me" time during the season.

When I see a weird rumor like this on the heels of reports that the team told Nnamdi to take a pay cut or take a hike, my conspiracy theory sensors go off. For instance, is the team less than flattering info about the player to grease the skids for his eventual exit?

If this was coming from the local beat reports, like all the stories about Jim Washburn, that would make a lot of sense. However, this story came from Hollis Thomas, who is a not reporter and not a guy who breaks stories. When someone like Hollis Thomas says this, I would say there's a really good chance that his source is another player.

And if we follow the logical steps... if a player is telling people about how Nnamdi would eat in his car, rather than with the team, he's not doing it to be flattering. He's doing it because he thinks its odd or he doesn't like it.

To be fair, it is a little odd. Admittedly, I've escaped my office and ate lunch in my car before too. However, I'm not playing football where they've drilled in the importance of team from the first day of pee wee football. Plus, we all saw the lack of leadership and cohesion on that team and these little things could certainly be seen as a part of that.

All that said... let's be honest here. All that matters is how he plays. If he was the guy we thought we were getting from Oakland, eating in his car would be a funny quirk. But when he plays like he did... OMG what an awful teammate!

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