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Report: Oregon LB Dion Jordan to have surgery on torn labrum

Oregon linebacker is considered one of the top linebackers in the 2013 NFL Draft. According to NFL Network, Jordan will have surgery following the Combine to repair a torn labrum, which will cost him three to four months of activity.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Talk and several other media outlets dropped a bombshell this afternoon, reporting that Oregon's standout linebacker, Dion Jordan, would have surgery to repair a torn labrum. Analysts at the NFL Network speculated that Jordan is still likely to participate in Combine drills and is expected to turn heads with his speed and athleticism. Still, Jordan is likely to miss three to four months after surgery. This means Jordan will miss all of OTAs and possibly part of training camp.

Eagles fans have speculated that the Eagles and Jordan's former coach, Chip Kelly, would be interested in adding the exciting prospect. Jordan would likely be the best option for the Eagles at SAM linebacker in the draft. He has the speed to rush the pass and cover tight ends (and some wide receivers). He is still growing and learning how to play defense after changing positions several times during his tenure at Oregon.

Some have questioned Jordan's experience and small frame. Jordan added about 15 pounds to his frame since the end of the Oregon Duck's season, which calmed some of the weight concerns. Still at 240 lbs, Jordan probably needs to add another 15 pounds to truly compete with NFL tight ends and offensive linemen at SAM. Now with the injury, he likely will not be able to add those pounds as he most likely will not be cleared to lift for quite some time.

While Jordan has had the injury for a while, you have to wonder what his value is going forward with a majority of the offseason unavailable to him. If Jordan is to perform at the Combine, his day of drills would be Monday. Stay tuned to BGN for more updates on this story.

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