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Eagles GM Roseman talks Nick Foles, move to 3-4

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Soon after Chip Kelly met the media at the NFL's scouting combine, Eagles GM Howie Roseman took the stage and fielded questions on topics pretty similar to what Kelly addressed. Most notably, the future of Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

"[Chip Kelly] told you the same thing he's told us. He wants to coach him, not just see him," Roseman said. "This is a young, talented player who didn't even have a chance to play with all our frontline guys on the offensive line or skill-position players. He's a talented guy. We just drafted him last year. I think this is a different situation than we've had the past couple years where we had quarterbacks."

"We like the player, we like a lot of things about the player, he's a young player in the league and we're trying to accumulate good players. We're not in the business of trying to get rid of our good young players."

Former Eagles coach and new Chiefs head man Andy Reid was also asked about his rumored interest in bringing Nick Foles with him to KC.

"He's not available. Nick is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles and they like him."

To be fair, Andy has no choice but to say that as he can't publicly state that he'd like to get a player that's under contract with another team... But between he, Roseman and Kelly it didn't really seem like there was even a hint the Foles could be dealt. Smart money says he's here next season.

As for the defense, Howie didn't explicitly confirm that they were making the full on switch to the 3-4, but he did say that the team already has guys in place that would fit if they decided to do it.

He says Antonio Dixon has the perfect skill set to be a 3-4 nose tackle. Brandon Graham has the ability to stand out as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Roseman also said Trent Cole has the ability to change his position and stand up as an outside linebacker.

The young GM was asked how he can pick players if they aren't set on their defensive system yet.

"Maybe we are, but we're just being purposefully vague," Roseman joked.

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