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Philadelphia Eagles 2013 round by round draft picks


The Eagles will have 8 picks in the 2013 NFL draft and the league has just released a tenative order showing us where those picks will be.

Up until the end of the third round, the order is set, but after that things will change as compensatory picks are added at the end of rounds 3-7 next month. So in this handy table we've got all 8 Eagles picks and where they fall in each round. We've got where they pick overall in the first 3.

Round Pick Overall
1 4 4
2 3 35
3 5 67
4 4
5 3
6 28
7 4
7 6


The Eagles acquired the 28th pick in the 6th round from Denver and the 6th pick in the 7th round from Cleveland. They traded the 5th overall pick in the 6th round to Cleveland.

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