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2013 NFL Draft Profile: D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina


It has become painfully apparent over the last 12 months that the Eagles secondary needs a near complete overhaul. That means that significant investment, probably both in free agency and the draft, will be needed. With that in mind, Mike Kaye has been running the DB watch 2013 series to identify possible solutions both in free agency and the draft.

I was checking out the NFL's Draft Tracker podcast, on which former Eagles scout Daniel Jeremiah was a guest this week. Something he said motivated me to make a little DB watch 2013 entry myself...

Jeremiah was asked who was his "red pin" player. A "red pin" player is the guy who a scout just loves and puts a red pin next to in order to stake his claim/reputation on that guy being a good player at the next level. For Jeremiah, that player is South Carolina safety D.J. Swearinger.

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"He will knock your block off. If you ever get time go to youtube and type in his name... I guarnatee you;ll see 5 or 6 just 'wow' hits. I thought Andre Ellington from Clemson... I think he must of have peed in his Cheerios because he tried to kill him on a toss play. He came up and just absolutely stroked him. To me, I just like what I saw from that kid. He got me excited."

Naturally, upon hearing this I ran to Youtube to find this hit and yeah... It's pretty nasty.

The guys does just light people up and he's quite capable in coverage as well. In the 2nd, maybe 3rd round this will certainly be a guy to watch out for.

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