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E.J. Manuel really wants to be a Philadelphia Eagle

The Florida State QB says he hopes to be a part of Chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia


Florida State QB E.J. Manuel has had his stock on the rise since winning the MVP award at the Senior Bowl. He threw for a TD and ran for another in the game and the performance might help him get some separation from a relatively underwhelming QB class.

He's also been telling almost anyone who will listen that he'd be interested in playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. Here he was speaking during Senior Bowl week.

"If I don't go to a team that runs [a zone read offense] I know I can still drop back and sit in the pocket and deliver but at the same if I go to the Eagles, I know Chip Kelly is going to bring his offense into the NFL and I know I can transition very well into that too."

While attending an EA Sports Madden party in New Orleans this week, he was asked who is dream team to get drafted by would be?

"I would be a good fit for coach Kelly's offense and the style that he has, so Philadelphia be a great suitor for myself. "

And speaking locally to 97.5 the Fanatic, he said he hopes he impressed Chip Kelly at the Senior Bowl.

"I'm just hoping that he gives me the opportunity," said Manuel. "I would love to come and play in his offense, I would love to play for him and I would love to be his guy. It's kind of starting off his tenure in the NFL, and I would love to be his first quarterback. I think it would be a great relationship."

Now, Manuel's first priority is of course to get drafted anywhere. And whoever takes him, you can be sure he'll say he's happy to be there and I'm sure he will be. But I'm also sure that prospects know where the best opportunities are and want to be in a situation where they have the best chance to be successful.

If he went to the Panthers, who are rumored to be interested, and he was Cam Newton's understudy, that certainly wouldn't be a bad situation. However, with the Eagles he obviously sees a chance to not only compete for a starting job but play with a coach that can maximize his talents.

All that said, it doesn't really matter where Manuel wants to go, it's really all about who wants him. Could that be the Eagles if he was on the board when they picked in the 3rd round? The 2nd?

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