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Dennis Dixon eyes Eagles starting job

Dennis Dixon on Eagles Live!

Dennis Dixon officially became a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Monday and immediately set his sights on at least a spot on the 53 man roster, but just maybe the starting job.

"I just want to be able to put my best foot forward and let the chips fall where they may," Dixon said. "From my understanding, the job is open. It'll be a very competitive nature around here. It's pretty much open, so may the best man win."

That said, while Dixon's aspirations may be high, he made it clear he got no assurances from his former college coach Chip Kelly. In fact, the two didn't even talk before yesterday.

"I didn't have any type of conversations with Chip throughout the whole signing," said Dixon. "The only conversation I had with him was when I signed the actual contract. There was no contact."

While Michael Vick and Foles would be favored to start over Dixon, he does recognize that with a new regime no one should feel safe and that competition for jobs will only make everyone better.

"As a competitor I like, and anybody in their right mind would like, competition, and that's what we have. And I'm quite sure Mike Vick and Nick Foles would say the same thing as well. We're just excited to work and let the chips fall where they may."

Somewhere Trent Edwards is reading this and saying, "Hey guys, I'm still here too! I could start! I won player of the week once back in 08 remember?"

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