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Mayock: Don't expect much trading in round 1 this year


There were 8 trades made on draft day last year and 9 total in the first round if include the deal the Redskins made for the #2 pick.

Then general consensus is that after the rookie wage scale took effect, picks at the top of the first round became even more valuable because they no longer come with the kind of potential crippling salary obligations they once did (hi Sam Bradford!).

However, this year Mike Mayock expects the number of deals to go down, because there are simply less difference makers in this draft.

"If you're a playoff team this year, you have to be laughing,'' Mayock told Peter King. "First, I don't see much difference between the fifth and 25th picks this year. And I don't really see the immediate difference-makers in the top 10.''

If the level of talent between 5-25 is similar, teams will certainly want to trade down, but it will be hard to find anyone on the other end looking to come up.

Overall, the draft looks really light on point producing players. QBs, RBs, WRs... This is a very much a "blue collar" draft according to King & Mayock. In fact, they say it's likely that we will see as many DTs taken in the first round as QBs, WRs & RBs combined. In their eyes, this draft is deepest at DT, OL and to a lesser extent safety.

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