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Rumor: Chiefs interested in trading for Nick Foles

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Al Bello

The Eagle made a minor move to add a former 5th round pick who has played in 4 NFL games and is on an NFL minimum contract earlier today... So let the Nick Foles trade rumors commence!!

Seriously though, we'll probably see more of this as time goes on. And to be fair, there's some logic to it. In his short time here, Chip Kelly has give 2 QBs contracts and both were guys that can run. Nick Foles is not a guy who can run. So it must be that Chip is only interested in running QBs and therefore Foles is expendable.

Now, you could just as easily say that adding a bottom of the depth chart QB and cutting Michael Vick's pay in more than half and chopping all but one year off his contract is hardly a sign of anything.

Either way, the rumors have already begun. Mike Garafolo of the USA Today is reporting that Andy Reid and the Chiefs would be interested in trading for Nick Foles if the Eagles are looking to deal him.

The Chiefs and new coach Andy Reid are interested in acquiring Foles if he becomes available, according to a person informed of the team's thinking. The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the Chiefs haven't discussed their thoughts publicly, said the team is working on plans to add a quarterback and considers Foles a possibility.

If anyone knows what a "person informed of the team's thinking" even is... let me know.

Certainly, this is one of those rumors that "sounds" feasible just for the teams involved. Reid needs a QB in KC, he drafted Foles, so presumably he'd be interested in trading for him.

I find it unlikely that the Eagles would give up an asset in Foles so quick. And if Reid did want him, what would be willing to give up? The team just spent a 3rd round pick in Foles, so the very least offer would have to be more than that. Foles hasn't lost value in the last year after all. So would Reid offer up the 34th overall pick?

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