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The Linc - Michael Vick, a good bad idea?

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Justin K. Aller

Michael Vick provides a stopgap option for the Eagles. | : Mike Tanier Article
The shorthand of this story – Eagles re-sign Vick for $7 million – hides many subtleties, and it's the kind of news that can be misinterpreted. A quick scan of my Facebook reveals that many Eagles fans assume that the deal means that Vick is the team's undisputed starting quarterback and will be running Kelly's read-option offense for the foreseeable future. (Or, as it reads in some status updates, WHEN WILL THIS WAKING NIGHTMARE END?) It's more likely that Vick was re-signed as a placeholder starter until a youngster (possibly Nick Foles, but more likely a Kelly-selected draft choice) is ready to take over.

A Terrible Idea That I Fully Support: Michael Vick's Return to the Eagles - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Sometimes there are terrible ideas, but you support them nonetheless. This is a safe place for you to defend those ideas.

Why I Don't Favor 'Exfolesiating' the Eagles
It's easy to say, "well, Foles doesn't move well, so he can't run Kelly's offense," and consign Foles to the dustbin. It sure looks like that is what is happening, although offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur talked Monday about an approach flexible enough to encompass the talents of both Vick and Foles.

Philadelphia Eagles 2013 Offseason Preview - NFL - Don Banks -
Troubling Stat 120.6. Opponents quarterback rating when throwing into the primary coverage of Nnamdi Asomugha, third highest among all corners (mininum 400 snaps in coverage), according to Pro Football Focus.

Can Billy Davis make Rodgers-Cromartie better? | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Billy Davis, by all accounts, is an excellent defensive mind. Is he a miracle worker, too? Davis, the Eagles’ new defensive coordinator, has already heard the scuttlebutt about fans wondering if he holds the key to unlock the harnessed potential of cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Combine Countdown: Watching Rodgers, Geno Smith a 'film junkie' - JSOnline
Too many personal film sessions ran long. When Jake Spavital returned to his office at West Virginia, quarterback Geno Smith was usually camped out watching tape. The quarterbacks coach had no choice but to shag Smith away. The quarterback had class. So then, Spavital had a solution. "I got him an iPad so he’d go to class," said Spavital, who is now at Texas A&M. "And then he’d start watching the iPad tape in class, which causes more distractions."

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