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LeSean McCoy, Evan Mathis get offseason honors

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The Eagles didn't have much to celebrate last season, but this week a couple players have been recognized for their positive contribution this year and last.

Evan Mathis was named to USA Today's "All Joe Team" which is meant to honor the unsung guys in the league. The lone requirement is that they have never made a Pro Bowl.

Evan Mathis (Eagles): He missed three snaps in 2012. Every other starter on Philadelphia's line missed all or part of the season. His availability aside, Mathis is simply one of the NFL's top guards.

That stat really does sum up how hard hit by injury the Eagles line really was.

The other Eagle to get an honor this week was LeSean McCoy, who was named to the NFL's "All-under-25" team.

McCoy had a down year in 2012, partially due to lack of usage/injury woes. He's still as versatile as they come and has averaged 4.6 yards per carry over his career behind so-so lines.

I would hardly call the Eagles 2011 line, when McCoy really had his breakout, "questionable." In fact, in the run game it was pretty fantastic. But that aside, if he stays healthy McCoy should be in for some very productive years ahead in Chip Kelly's run first system.

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