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Philadelphia Eagles free agents: Keep 'em or let 'em walk?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL released its unofficial list of every impending free agent this offseason. I figured we would take a look at the Eagles free agents and play a little game of "keep em or let em walk?"

I'll explain my rationale, but be sure give your opinion on who should be back next year in the comments.

Jon Dorenbos, LS: I see no reason to not keep Dorenbos. He's been a perfectly good long snapper and has taken well to the city. Plus, I think we'd all be sad to lose Julie Dorenbos. Verdict: Keep em

King Dunlap, OL: Dunlap isn't terrible, but I think he proved last year that he wasn't part of the solution. This line needs new blood at the top and bottom of the depth chart, which means it's time King moves on. Verdict: Let em walk

Akeem Jordan, LB: The linebackers are clearly about to go on a multi-year overhaul and in the end Akeem Jordan will not really be a fit in a 3-4. That said, he is a very good special teamer, so he could add value there... but he could probably get work as at least a backup in this league. I like Akeem, I just think this is no longer the right situation for him. Verdict: Let em walk

Derek Landri, DT: Landri was a pleasant surprise in 2011, but ended up a disappointment in 2012. He needs to be in a 1-gap scheme, which is not what the guys up front will be doing here anymore. Like Jordan, I like Landri and I'm sure he can still be a useful player in this league, but he just doesn't fit here anymore. Verdict: Let em walk

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB: I thought this was going to be the toughest one on this list. Because DRC is talented, but he just wasn't good enough last year. You could say that as the play of the defense declined, he suffered... but that ignores the fact that he was part of the reason the defense declined. Along with Nnamdi Asomugha, he's the poster boy on this team for "not as good as advertised."

But really, nothing I can say is more convincing than DRC himself.

Verdict: Let em walk

Jake Scott, OL: He filled in capably for Danny Watkins in the last half of last year. But only capably. Like I said with Dunlap, it's time for new blood. Verdict: Let em walk

Darryl Tapp, DE - Tapp has 6 sacks over 3 years with the Eagles. Over that time he made $9 million. Even if he wasn't miscast in the new defense, I'd still say get rid of him. Verdict: Let em walk

Colt Anderson, S (restricted) - He's a restricted free agent, so he'll almost certainly be back and he should. He proved himself to not only be a special teams standout, but also a capable safety who can step in play for a spell if called on. Verdict: Keep em

So for me, as far as the UFAs, it's just the long snapper.

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