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2013 NFL Draft: Has Star Lotulelei become overrated?

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As we continue to pour over the prospects in the 2013 NFL draft, inevitably guys rise up and down boards, but as fans the more often we hear certain names and see them projected to go in a certain place... the more we start to accept that this is how they are truly seen by NFL teams.

Then on draft day, inevitably someone drops and we're all shocked. GMs, meanwhile, just don't have the guy that high on their board. The first possible overrated guy we looked at was Ezekiel Ansah, but admittedly opinions on him are split.

But what about a guy everyone seems to like and will be a sure fire top 5 pick? What about Star Lotulelei?

Former NFL scout Bucky Brooks talked about Lotulelei on the latest Draft Tracker podcast and said that he and scouts he's talked to are not as high on Star as the general consensus seems to be.

"I've talked to scouts that are not as high on him as we've seen in some these magazines and projections," said Brooks. "I think the one thing about Star is that he's a dominant player when he wants to play. Now he dominated against USC, he absolutely wore out the middle of the line of scrimmage and you saw those flash plays. But when you look at some of the other tapes that he displayed during the year, you don't really get fired up about his ability to take over the game.

Now, we can say it's the motor not running high, he picks and chooses when to play, he's a big man and it's hard sometimes to get those guys to play at a high level consistently. But I'm not sold that I have a pick in the top 5 or the top 10 that this is someone I necessarily want to hang my hat on."

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When we posted a new mock yesterday by another former NFL scout, Daniel Jeremiah, some commenters were shocked to see that Lotulelei wasn't even the first DT off the board. Brooks says that when draft day comes, Star may even be the 3rd DT off the board because he has 2 prospects rated above him.

Sheldon Richardson from Missouri, who is an absolute beast. You don't find a 3 technique that leads your team in tackles like this... You see his ability not only as a pass rusher, but a dominant run defender. He can play the 3 technique, he can play the 1, he can do everything that you want to see from a DT. I think he's a better player than Star Lotulelei.

And the other?

Sharrif Floyd is a big, physical very dynamic player. He can play either DT spot in your 4 man front. I think he plays with a lot of passion and energy. He's not necessarily the pass rusher that I think Richardson will be, but I think he is someone who can do a lot of things very well. When you put him in the center of your defense he makes it better because he is going to occupy double teams but he's not just a slug in the middle, he's playmaker. Watch him in the Sugar Bowl against Louisville, very dominant performance.

Brooks says that, "When people really start to look at the tape, their eyes will tell them that those 2 guys are better fits and have more potential than Star Lotulelei at the next level."

So for the college football fans and the people who may have watched some tape of these guys... Do you agree/disagree?

Sharrif Floyd tape

Star Lotulelei tape

Sheldon Richardson tape

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