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2013 NFL Free Agency: George Wilson

The Philadelphia Eagles secondary has had its share of awfulness over the past few seasons, so it is understandable that the team's fanbase is frothing at the mouth for some steady talent behind the front 7. This series will examine the options the Eagles have at adding depth and perhaps, improving the secondary. We will examine potential free agents, cap casualties and rookie prospects over the next several weeks to find the Eagles best bets at upgrading the back end of the defense.

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Rick Stewart

The Philadelphia Eagles secondary over the last few seasons has gone from strength to glaring weakness. Some blame failed draft picks that have not lived up to expectations (Jaiquan Jarrett, Nate Allen), while others criticize the underwhelming results from big name veterans (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Nnamdi Asomaugha), but both are fair reasons for the lack of success. The Eagles need help in the cornerback and safety departments, and adding a quality free agent and/or talented rookie, could make a world of difference.

This is the first part of our "DB Watch 2013" series.

The Buffalo Bills have had very few areas of strength over the last decade, but a spot they have excelled at over the past few seasons is the safety position. While Jairus Byrd is the name you will hear quite often leading up to free agency, but another Buffalo safety has just hit the market. Byrd's safety partner over the past two seasons has been veteran, George Wilson, and he was recently released by the new Bills regime as a cap casualty.

Wilson is not a major name and you are not likely to brag to your friends about acquiring him, but he has shown he can play over the past few seasons. Pro Football Focus has gone as far as to call Wilson a "Secret Superstar" and they graded him as the 8th best overall safety in the entire league in 2012.

What Philadelphia Eagles fans will be glad to hear, is that Wilson can hit and tackle, as well as cause turnovers.

Here are his career stats:


As you can see, when Wilson has gotten in games, he has had no issues making tackles. While he was held without a turnover this year, he had 10 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles in the previous three years. He is entering his eighth season and has plenty of starting experience. He was voted a captain by his teammates and was the Bills NFLPA representative over the past few seasons, so there is reason to believe he could make a great leader and at the very least, be a great veteran presence in the locker room.

Wilson turns 32 this summer, so his signing would likely be of the short-term variety. Still he could provide a major upgrade over the next few seasons and would be good source of knowledge for the Eagles likely youth movement in the secondary.

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