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Reports differ on Ryan Nassib's arm strength

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this week, we saw reports that the Eagles were among the teams that could be interested in grabbing Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib with their pick at the top of the second round. Since then, I've taken an interest in Nassib just in case the report is true... In doing so, I found one of those cautionary tales about trusting scouting reports.

How good is Nassib's arm? Depends on who you ask.

Nassib doesn't have exceptional size or athleticism, but the muscle bound thrower has a rifle for an arm


Nassib has good-enough arm strength to make throws at all levels of the field with the mechanics and beautiful ball fakes that scouts love to see.

NFL scout talking to PFW

"I am not sold on Ryan Nassib's arm strength. He has really short arms. He's not a great runner, but he is one of the better pure passers I have seen. He's better than Kirk Cousins."

So his arm is either a "rifle," it's "good enough" or it's a "concern." Welcome to the wonderful world of scouting the NFL draft. Of course, you can always judge Nassib's arm strength for yourself. There's plenty of video available on him.

Nassib vs USC
Nassib vs Louisville
Nassib vs Rutgers
Nassib vs Northwestern
Nassib vs Missouri

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