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The Linc - How important is character in the draft?

Al Bello

The Importance of Football Character | The Sideline View
Drafting is the easiest and most efficient way to build a team, as NFL general managers are acquiring talented players who are fast, healthy and entering into the prime of their careers. Drafting talent is easy. Drafting talent with character and a good medical report is the ultimate challenge for any personnel evaluator.

Dan Le Batard: Issues of morality in sports exist in confusing gray area - Dan Le Batard -
You have to admit we’ve arrived in a barbaric, confusing place when the following is true: Destroying your body by cutting off your finger or playing with a catheter in your penis is not against the rules, but using some kind of deer antler spray to speed up healing is, and we spend a lot more time questioning the morality of athletes than we do the morality of the athletic culture or its rules.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " The Coaching Staff
I think some fans are disappointed due to the fact they don’t know the names and these coaches aren’t coming from recent Super Bowl winners or elite NFL programs. The Eagles just got done with an all-star staff and it resulted in 8-8 and 4-12 seasons. Big names mean nothing. You must find the right fit, schematically, but also in terms of personality. - Would Branden Albert return to Chiefs as a guard?
We hear the Chiefs remain interested in re-signing free agent Branden Albert but that they at least have kicked around the idea of making him a guard. Albert has made it clear he believes himself to be a left tackle, period. Although internal discussions are in the early stages, this will be an interesting situation to monitor over the coming weeks.

It's a cruel business - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Michael Boley and Chris Canty were two of the most beloved players in the Giants locker room. The guys on the team loved them, they were extremely coachable and they both played integral roles in the team’s Super Bowl XLVI victory over the Patriots. A year later, they’re both on the street, released by the Giants as salary cap casualties. Add Ahmad Bradshaw to the list, and the Giants have taken an ax to three of their most recognizable faces in the past few days. Guess what? That’s the NFL.

Rendell: Chip will bring some excitement in Eagles' offseason
This year, Birds maniacs are very fortunate, because no one, and I mean no one, knows what Chip Kelly will do. It will be a unique and fascinating offseason for us, far more so than in any other NFL city. Chip is as whirlwind as his Oregon offense, and he already has surprised us with outside-the-box actions and decisions

The Combine Chronicles: Quarterback | National Football Post
Tony Villiotti of dissects performance by position at the NFL combine

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