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The Linc - Looking back at Michael Vick's 2010

Rich Schultz

Michael Vick’s 2010 Season Not as Good as Advertised
It was all an illusion. An extra INT here, one spoiled comeback there, and it would've been just another 8-8 season from the Birds featuring middling quarterback play. It never should have come as a surprise when Michael Vick fell back to earth.

Super Bowl 2013: The Ravens tight ends and the Air Coryell offense -
Dennis Pitta is a key player to watch in Super Bowl XLVII, really.

NFLPA survey: Nearly four in five football players don’t trust team medical staffs - The Washington Post
In NFLPA survey, 78 percent of players say they are not satisfied at all with teams’ medical staffs.

What is Zone Blocking Anyway? - Bolts From The Blue
SDNativeinTX explains exactly what Zone Blocking is and how it can be most effective.

When the final score doesn't matter: How prop bets changed the way we gamble on the Super Bowl -
On the history and evolution of Super Bowl prop bets and how they've changed the way we watch and gamble on the Big Game.

49ers' coordinators: Chip should be just Ducky
Most NFL coaches know Chip Kelly only by reputation. The only thing they know about his offense is what they've seen on TV or scouting tapes. Not so for 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. They both got an up-close-and-personal look at Kelly's high-octane, up-tempo offense when they were on Jim Harbaugh's staff at Stanford.

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