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PHOTO GALLERY: Eagles Beat Lions in the Snow Storm

The snow storm during Sunday's Eagles-Lions contest had made a slight impact on the game. Early weather reports indicated that the weather wasn't expected to be as bad as it was, especially so early on. Chip Kelly himself said the team wasn't expect heavy snow until halftime. Mother nature had different plans. The heavy snow started before kickoff.

Early in the game, the snow was falling hard and fast. It was too difficult to even see the action on the field at times. Both teams looked sloppy due to the inclement weather. Fans and players alike were blanketed by a white sheet of pure blizzard.

Things changed when the weather started to clear up a bit later in the game. The snow intensity lessened significantly and visibility dramatically improved. The Eagles' offense started to click and LeSean McCoy ran for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns to help lead the Eagles to a 34-20 win. It was the Eagles' third straight win at home and also marked the most recent victory of a five game winning streak.

Displayed above is a photo gallery of some of the best pictures from the game.

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