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Eagles vs. Lions Final Score: Philadelphia Runs All Over Detroit in A Snowy Victory, 34-20

LeSean McCoy rushed for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Eagles' win over the Lions on Sunday.


It's snowy and cold here at Lincoln Financial Field. This should be... interesting.

In case you don't understand how snow works, a time-lapse:

Let's get this thing started.


Lions win the toss, will receive. The snow is heavily impacting the game already. Short kickoff. Stafford's first pass down field is short. Stafford fumbles the ball on the next play. Three and out. Lions punt.

Eagles take over. It's snowing hard and I can barely see anything from the press box, but the Eagles fail to convert for a first down and they have to punt.

Lions ball. Fumbled snap, but Detroit recovers. Joique Bell is getting all of the carries with Reggie Bush dealing with a calf injury.  Another fumbled snap, another Lions recovery. Lions get a first down on a Brandon Pettigrew catch. Next series, the Lions turn the ball over on a Joique Bell fumble. Eagles recover, apparently. I still can't see a a thing.

Eagles get the ball and nothing going. LeSean McCoy's shift run style is neutralized in the snow, and attempting a pass is almost pointless. Ugly football. Eagles punt, and it's a good one from Donnie Jones. 53 yards.

Lions up. Big pass play to Calvin Johnson, with Cary Williams trailing behind in coverage. Lions in the red zone.


Lions fumble again! Connor Barwin forced the fumble on a Bell carry. Eagles recover. Nothing going. Riley Cooper drops a pass. 52 yard Donnie Jones punt.

Lions ball. Another Stafford fumbled snap, but he recovers, throws a pass, and it's deflected. Lions punt.

Eagles ball, and... Nick Foles throws an interception. The streak 19 TD to 0 INT streak is over. Foles only needed two more touchdowns to break the record.

Lions take over with good field position. Joique Bell 2 yard touchdown is good. Can the Eagles overcome this mighty Detroit lead? Lions go for the 2 point conversion, and it's also good. 8-0, Lions.

Eagles ball. It's still snowing but the visibility it a lot better. The Eagles finally get a first down on a LeSean McCoy carry. Foles fumbles the snap on the next play and is sacked. Eagles have to punt.

Lions. Nothing. Punt.

Eagles. Shady running. Chris Polk getting some carries now. Great sideline catch from DeSean Jackson on a Foles roll out. Toe tap perfection. Eagles in scoring position and they're going for it on 4th down. A throw to the endzone is incomplete. Cooper drops a pass that went through his hands. An encouraging drive, but nothing to show for it.

Lions take over and kneel it down to end the first half. Ugly.


Eagles ball to start the second half. Philly manages a first down before a Foles overthrow on a Zach Ertz target falls incomplete.

Lions up. Driving. They get to their own 35 but punt because of the weather.

Eagles can't do anything. They punt. It's returned by the Lions for a touchdown. It's that kind of day. Lions go for the 2 point conversion and they don't get it. 14-0, Lions.

Eagles back up. Passing game is alive! A first down pass to DeSean is followed by a deep completion to Cooper. Nice drive here. Next play, Foles floats one in the end zone and... DeSean Jackson catches it for a touchdown. I don't even think DeSean was the target there... but hey, it worked. The play goes under review but the call stands. Eagles go for 2 and it's not good. One score game though. 5 plays, 74 yards, TD. 14-6, Lions.

Lions up. Time for the Eagles defense to step up. And they do. A Fletcher Cox deflection on third down forces Detroit to punt.

Eagles ball. Big completion to Riley Cooper on the first play. End of the third.


Roughing the passer on Detroit to start the last quarter. Foles looking deep, but can't connect with DeSean. So how about the running game, then? No problem. Shady McCoy breaks off a dazzling 40 yard run for a TD and it's definitely a game again. Eagles go for 2, and a penalty is called on Detroit. Second attempt. Bryce Brown runs it in for a tie game! All tied up, 14-14.

Oh man... Eagles kick off and it's returned for a TD. Not good. Lions lead again. Lions false start on the PAT, so they move it back. Bennie Logan blocks the David Akers kick! Bradley Fletcher returns it to the end zone... but unfortunately for the Eagles this isn't college. A blocked PAT is dead on the block.  20-14, Lions.

Bradley Fletcher has been in the NFL since 2009. Think someone would've told him the rules.

Eagles up now. Big play from Shady again! 57 yard TD run. Eagles go for 2. Cooper catches it! Eagles take a two point lead with about 13 minutes to go. 22-20, Eagles.

Lions on offense. Detroit facing a 3rd and 15 after a penalty for an illegal man down field. Eagles get the stop! Lions punt.

Eagles ball. A big offensive drive would be nice for them here. First play, big run from Shady. He's ridiculous. In a good way, of course. Eagles running the ball and running it well. They move into scoring position. Fourth and 1 at the goal line. The Eagles go for it... QB sneak! Nick Foles is in for the TD. Big drive for Philly. The Eagles go for 2 and it's incomplete. 28-20, Eagles.

Another big kickoff return for Detroit. Eagles struggling in this area today. Lions pass to Joique Bell goes for a good gain. Next play, fummmmmmbllllle! One of those Detroit fumbled snaps finally isn't recovered by the Lions. Mychal Kendricks dives on it for the recovery.

Eagles on offense. Yet another score here would be big. Shady rushing all over the Lions 'D". And now Chris Polk gets in on the action! 38 yard touchdown run. Eagles go for 2, but it's no good. Eagles up by two scores with 2:56 left to go. 34-20, Eagles.

Lions up. They're dropping all the passes. Going for it on 4th down... and it's deflected!

Eagles take over on downs with 2:33 to go and a 14 point lead. They're at their own 35. Philly runs the ball and forces Detroit to use their remaining timeouts. Chip Kelly calls a brilliant play on 3rd and 10! Fakes the run, passes to a wide open Brent Celek. Celek could have ran it in for the TD, but wisely slid down before scoring so the Eagles could just knee the ball to kill the game. Unselfish, brilliant, ball game.


What a game.

8-5. Win total from 2012 (4-12) is doubled. LeSean McCoy is really good. Chip Kelly is smarter than you. Eagles defense only gave up one offensive touchdown.

More coverage of this game to come! Stay tuned to BGN.

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