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The Linc - David Akers Returns to Town

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/7/2013.

Jim McIsaac

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Let's get to the links...

Wulf's Den: How To Scar The Lions - Bo Wulf,
Turnovers, your favorite Eagles players' favorite Disney movie, and an interview with the team's official barber. Great stuff as always in this column.

How the Eagles landed Foles - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
It's fascinating to think what might have not been with Foles - now playing for Chip Kelly and a new regime. He's the hottest quarterback in the NFL and on the cusp of leading the Eagles to the playoffs for the first time in three years. Reid, fired by the Eagles in January and now with the Chiefs, confirmed his decision to cancel the Osweiler workout for Foles, whose 4-8 senior season was marred by the coach's midseason firing and a sieve-like offensive line.

Manute Barwin, er, Connor Barwin, is a batted pass machine - JimmyK,
In his first year with the Eagles, Connor Barwin has had a really good season. He is by far the most versatile of the Eagles' OLBs, and clearly the most comfortable playing the position. While he does not have elite numbers at any of the following things statistically, he does a very good job of dropping into coverage, playing the run, and rushing the passer. He is a complete player, and a very valuable piece in this improving Eagles defense.

Nick Foles has an incredible life based on these 7 indisputable facts | For The Win
Foles has been dating Tori Moore since they were students at Arizona. She is the sister of former Browns tight end Evan Moore and currently works for Nike in Oregon.

Chip Kelly Update: A Defensive Mastermind - Mark Saltveit, Fishduck
The one impression Chip watchers have consistently held is that his is an offensive genius who doesn’t care much about defense. His teams give up a lot of yards and points, and he just counts on outscoring them. After all, he was a former offensive coordinator, while Oregon’s defense — such as it was — was spearheaded by Nick Aliotti, who had been the defensive coordinator since 1998. And the Eagles have had an explosive offense and terrible D, right? I will tell you right now: this stereotype is the most wrong of them all. Chip Kelly coaches a complete program whose offense is built on its defense, and vice versa. He has definite ideas about defense that kick ass, which he imposed on Aliotti at Oregon, and the Eagles are more impressive in stopping opponents than in scoring.

Photo Essay: Patrick Chung wreaking havoc on defense… his own defense - Andrew Kulp, The700Level
Rookie safety Earl Wolff has been ruled out for the Philadelphia Eagles for the third consecutive week, which means Patrick Chung is in line for another start. Chung hates the Eagles. At least it seems like Chung—or Captain Friendly Fire—hates the Eagles. He’s certainly inflicted more punishment on his own teammates in the last two games than he has on opponents. Chung has managed to go helmet to helmet on Trent Cole, collide with Brandon Boykin, and deliver a devastating flying shoulder-block to Cary Williams all in just his last two starts. Forget Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush when the Detroit Lions roll into town on Sunday. The defense better know where No. 23 in midnight green is at all times.

Now a minister, Akers leans on his faith - ESPN
David Akers stepped on to the stage and began to speak, just as he had time and time before, and will likely do time and time again. Known as a football player to most, this stage, this avenue, is the work for the rest of his life. Akers is a devout Christian and has spoken about his faith before. Now, he has some more backing behind it -- the Detroit Lions' kicker said he recently became a licensed minister.

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