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The Linc - Fletcher Cox is a Budding Superstar

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/6/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

All-22 All-Stars: Fletcher Cox, the Eagles' Budding Superstar - Robert Mays, Grantland
Foles will get most of the attention when it comes to the Eagles’ 2012 draft, but as good as he’s been, Cox may be playing even better. The 12th overall pick in last year’s draft, Cox was a rotational player on a terrible Eagles defense last season. This year, as Philly has turned to a scheme with multiple fronts that asks the defensive linemen to do a little bit of everything, Cox has developed into a Pro Bowl–caliber player. Always considered an athletic marvel, his second year in the league has brought enough refinement and experience to turn him into a complete — and occasionally dominant — defensive lineman.

Detailed Game Review – PHI 24, ARZ 21 - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Big win for the Eagles. The Cards came to town with a 4-game win streak and lots of confidence. They had a top shelf defense and a hot offense. They had a veteran QB. The Eagles were going to have to earn this victory. That’s just what they did. The Eagles totally outplayed the Cards in building a 24-7 lead. The Eagles were better on offense, defense and STs. From that point on, things got a bit sloppy and the Cardinals started playing with some pep in their step. They made the game close at the end, but the Eagles were able to do just enough to hold on for the win.

Inside Voices: Deeper Into the Sports Science - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
The sleep monitor attached to the player’s wrist begins to gently vibrate when it’s time to wake up. Instead of a screeching alarm clock that startles you out of your sleep, the device the Eagles wear draws you to consciousness slowly as the vibrations gradually increase. During the night, the device records when you fell asleep, how well you slept and how many times you woke up during the night. This draws the competitive side out of these athletes. They want to improve those numbers, so they work on it. Maybe they’ll go to bed a half-hour earlier, maybe they’ll alter their night-time routine.

Will The Elements Be Tough For Foles? - Alex Smith,
Foles hasn’t had much experience playing in inclement weather in his two NFL seasons or even in his collegiate career. After transferring from Michigan State to Arizona, Foles played most of his college games in warm, Pac-12 settings, but he did recall one specific bad-weather game, which just happened to come against Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks. In a 2010 late-November game in Eugene, Ore., Foles braved the elements in route to a collegiate career-best 448 passing yards.

2013: Year of the Injury? | The MMQB with Peter King
We all took notice when a spate of big-name players went down in the preseason, a trend that has seemingly continued into the regular season. But are major injuries up, or is it all in our heads?

Peter King spends week embedded with NFL refs, Part 2 | The MMQB with Peter King
The men of Gene Steratore’s officiating team come from diverse walks and weekday jobs—teacher, stockbroker, housing director—but their common bond is a commitment to their craft, to each other and to getting the calls right on Sunday

The NFL Network and "eventizing" America's game - Grantland
Ten years ago, we got our pro football news from pretty straightforward sources. A blogger named Mike in West Virginia reported trades and rumors. A New Jersey über-scrivener sipped craft beers as he cruised on his endless road trip. There was a Fox play-by-play man named Joe who was claiming his birthright. An ex-quarterback named Terry who was laughing and laughing until we just wanted to scream, "Terry, what is the joke?" Soon, things began to change. We received emails with news items written by entities called " staff writers." On November 4, 2003, at just after 8 p.m. on the East Coast, another key event took place. A balding ex-SportsCenter anchor appeared on television and said, "Your dreams have indeed come true." Our dreams? Perhaps. But in this case, our dreams dovetailed with a sports league's. The NFL had its own TV network.

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