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ESPN Pick 6 Interview with Nick Foles

This week's ESPN Pick 6 segment featured Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. Can you guess what his favorite Disney movie is?

By now it's no secret that Eagles starting quarterback Nick Foles is playing pretty darn well. The national media has taken notice. ESPN recently ran a segment where they interviewed Foles as part of their Pick 6 segment. Lindsay Czarniak sat down with Foles to ask him several different questions, including:

  1. His thoughts on Chip Kelly's "Nick Foles is my starting quarterback for the next 1,000 years" comment.
  2. His relationship with Michael Vick and how Vick has mentored Foles through this season.
  3. 19 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Is Foles being especially careful with the ball now that he has the chance at the record? And what the potential record means to Nick.
  4. Favorite food. Spoiler: Fried catfish.
  5. His favorite Disney movie! He's a big fan of a certain animated cartoon animal.
  6. Nick Foles does yoga. Bikram Yoga. For flexibility purposes.
  7. The Napoleon Dynamite connection. Foles says he possibly plans to dress up as the character one day!

The interview is worth the watch. Foles isn't the most exciting guy but he's honest and humble. Check it out.

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