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Eagles 2014 Schedule: Next Season's Opponents Set

A look at which teams the Eagles will play in 2014.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the 2013 regular season is over, the teams that the Philadelphia Eagles will play in the 2014 regular season have been set. The Eagles' season obviously isn't over yet with a first round playoff game looming on Saturday, but it's not too early to take a peek at who the Eagles will face next year. The full NFL schedule will not be released until April.

As always, six of the Eagles games come against NFC East opponents. Eight more are against the four teams in the NFC West (best division in the NFL this year) and the AFC South (worst division in the NFL this year). The other two come against the champions of the NFC North (Green Bay) and the NFC South (Carolina).

Home Games:

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Washington Redskins

St. Louis Rams

Seattle Seahawks

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

Carolina Panthers

Away Games:

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Washington Redskins

Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers


For now, it's fun to speculate. Obviously a lot can change from now to the beginning of next season. Teams routinely go from worst to first. Look no further than your 2013 NFC East Champion Eagles.

How are you feeling about this way-too-early look at next year's Eagles schedule?

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