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The Linc - Nick Foles is the Real Deal

Philadelphia Eagles links for 12/3/2013.


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Let's get to the links...

'Kenny, Moose, and Goose' were beyond annoying in their quarter-long criticism of Chip Kelly's clock management - JimmyK,
There are advantages to not letting the play clock run all the way down to 1. If you let it run down to 1 on every play in clock killing mode, the defense knows exactly when to fire off the ball to stop your run game. If you mix it up, the defense has no idea when you're going to snap it, which keeps them on their heels. One of the great advantages any offense in football has is knowing when the ball will be snapped, while the defense doesn't. By telling the defense exactly when you're snapping the ball, that's a major equalizer. That may sound like "Football 101," and it is.

Foles Continues to Impress - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles had a QB rating of 112 yesterday and that actually lowered his QB rating for the season. Think about that for a second. Foles was up at 128. He’s now all the way down at 125.2. We keep waiting for something to change. But it hasn’t. On Sunday Foles faced a defense that was Top 10 in yards, points and opposing passer rating. Football Outsiders had the Cardinals defense 2nd in DVOA. The Cards had a takeaway in all 11 games this year. This was a good defense. Foles shredded the Cardinals for almost 3 quarters. He threw 3 TD passes and made it look easy at times. The Eagles had 24 points early in the 3rd quarter. To put that in perspective, the Cardinals had given up 25 points in the previous 8 quarters combined. People are really starting to believe.

Kelly's Birds need to work on finishing touch - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
It may seem like nit-picking after a fourth straight victory, but the Eagles are past the point of being lauded for wins because many didn't expect them to be that good in Chip Kelly's first season. They are a playoff-contending team, after all, and if the Eagles want to reach the postseason for the first time in three years and perhaps steal a few in January, then Kelly and his crew need to improve in putting teams away. For the fourth time this season, the Eagles earned a lead of more than 17 points with a second-half-opening touchdown drive, and for the third time their offense sputtered and an opponent came back to make things interesting.

Fly, Eagle, Fly: Nick Foles Is for Real - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
When the Eagles hired Chip Kelly, the thought was that Foles’s chance to start in Philadelphia was probably gone. If he didn’t have the mobility to navigate the pocket, he certainly didn’t have the mobility to navigate a Chip Kelly offense. That theory only gained traction when Kelly named Vick the starter after training camp. There are still scattered instances in which Foles is forced to keep the ball on a zone-read, and although those plays have generally ended positively for Philadelphia, Foles will never be able to fully realize that side of Kelly’s offense. But his success in every other facet of that offense may be enough. Foles’s lack of overall running ability may shrink some parts of Kelly’s playbook, but yesterday, his ability as a passer showed how other areas can be expanded. Tight end Zach Ertz, the Eagles’ second-round pick this year, had his best game of the season against Arizona, and Foles has turned Riley Cooper into a legitimate receiving threat. His ability to read and manipulate defenses has added a new dimension to the Eagles’ passing game.

Philly's Perfect Pitcher | The MMQB with Peter King
For the second straight year, a sophomore backup QB in September is making serious noise in December. This time it’s Nick Foles, who’s climbing statistically over the league’s best passers while willing the Eagles back into playoff contention

Nick Foles Could Be the Next Mo Cheeks | The Tailgater
Nick Foles is not Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. He does not have a record breaker's skill set or resume. That may be why Foles' numbers and performance have not gotten much attention. We lack proper language to describe what Foles does

Offense Game Review: 10 Observations - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
Having said all that, there was a handful of shaky decisions/misfires. Early on, Karlos Dansby had Foles in his grasp, and Foles tried to shovel the ball to McCoy. The whistle had already blown, but not a smart play. Foles made a similar move in the second. He was being taken down by a Cardinals defensive lineman, but flipped the ball to McCoy for a 5-yard gain. I know Brett Favre would approve, but those plays usually end in disaster. Jackson saved him from an interception on the jump-ball in the end zone. Foles also floated one on a crosser to Jackson that was nearly picked. Finally, there was the INT to Patrick Peterson that was negated because of a penalty. That was one of Foles’ worst decisions of the season. The Cardinals’ defense deserves credit for putting Foles in some uncomfortable positions, but there were clearly some mistakes Foles will want to get corrected going forward.

BGN Radio: Eagles vs. Cardinals Review

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