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The Linc - Cowboys Schadenfreude

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/27/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

Eternity Is A Long Time - Dave Mangels, SouthernPhilly
The Eagles are on the doorstep of the playoffs, with the Cowboys standing in their way on Sunday night. Win and they are in, but it is not enough to simply defeat the Cowboys. The Eagles need to beat them. In a season full of memories, one more is not too much to ask. MNF opening day destruction of the Redskins, Nick Foles throwing 7 TDs, Shady in the snow and blowing out the Bears on SNF were great. But a loss to the Cowboys would negate all of that. This Sunday night, the 2013 Eagles can live forever by beating Dallas. Because while beating the Redskins or Giants is great, beating the Cowboys is special. The Body Bag Game and Eagles Porn and the Miracles at the Meadowlands are games that we will never forget, but Cowboys games are a different level of schadenfreude that has gone on a long time.

Eagles draft watch: Players to keep an eye on in college bowl games - JimmyK,
The first six college bowl games are in the books (we profiled prospects playing in those games here). For those of you who like to keep an eye on college prospects, here are some players to watch over the next two days if you happen to find yourself taking in some college football this holiday season.

Some Dallas Talk - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Cowboys are never boring and this week is no exception. The football world is talking about Tony Romo non-stop, as we all want to know if he’ll play or not. Jason Garrett won’t commit to any answer beyond "We’ll see." Nor should he. His job isn’t to tell the Eagles anything that will help them. I think we’ll have to wait for an announcement from Mary Magdalene on whether Romo will play or not. It sure sounds like Romo will miss the game. He hasn’t been to meetings or practice this week. He got an injection yesterday, but that hasn’t improved things very much. Forget the question of whether Romo can play…can he play well? In hindsight, what he did on Sunday was pretty amazing. But that was the heat of the moment. Trying to go into a game with the injury and play well from the get-go doesn’t seem very realistic.

Foles Prepared For Sunday's Big Game - Dan Klausner,
"We've played a lot of football since that game and we've grown together as a team," Foles said. "I've grown as a player and a person, our team's grown, our coaches have grown … I'll look at that film and I'll see what we did wrong, where I didn't execute and how I can do better. Going into this (game), I really have to execute and be better. Just because we've played well since, doesn't mean that we're guaranteed to play well. We have to have the same week of preparation we've had during the weeks where we've had success. We have to have that same burning desire to go out there and do great. That's why I love this team, we work hard every day and we believe in each other. That gives us an opportunity to win on Sunday."

Eagles Defensive Player of the Game- Bears Edition - ChipWagon
One of the high points of the Eagles defensive performance on Sunday night against the Bears were the sacks by Trent Cole. Nice to see Cole really turning it on late in the season. One can hope it has more to do with him settling into the position than it does luck, match-ups, etc. We'll take a look at those sacks a little later in the week. However, despite Trent Cole's performance on Sunday Night, he doesn't get Player of the Week honors from the Chip Wagon. That honor goes to Mychal Kendricks who has really emerged in year 2. Kendricks may have put together his best performance of the year on Sunday night with key plays in the run and pass game. Let's start by looking at Kendricks in the run game. He's really benefitted from this system where he generally is kept clean by the DL. But as the season has progressed, Mychal has done much better and avoiding and getting off blocks.

The All-22: The NFL’s division leaders, and their potentially fatal flaws - Doug Farrar,
The Eagles will come into the postseason as one of the teams that nobody wants to deal with if they take the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night and win the NFC East. But when facing pass-heavy offenses, the Eagles’ defense can be exploited. Defensive coordinator Billy Davis has done a good job getting his charges to play well in the front seven, but there are question marks in the secondary, to be sure. Philadelphia’s pass defense has struggled in particular with route combinations that involve crossing patters, either at the line of scrimmage or downfield.

@FakeWIPCaller’s Ten Best (And Ten Worst) Philadelphia Sports Moments of 2013 - The700Level
2. Chip Kelly’s appearance at Wing Bowl. Sure, the season itself has been pretty exciting, too. But wasn’t that just awesome?

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