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World Famous Eagles Fan Justin Bieber Announces Retirement

Harry How

It's a sad day for Eagles nation. World famous pop musician, actor, and singer/songwriter Justin Bieber has "officially retired". Per his Twitter account:

It's a little known fact that Bieber is actually a huge Eagles fans. Truth be told, he loves the team so much that he recently decided to get a tattoo of an Eagle on his arm/shoulder.

Many will credit the Eagles' successful 2013 season to Chip Kelly and Nick Foles, but according to a source, the real reason is Bieber's music. "It's an inspiration to the team," the anonymous source said, while carefully rolling up the sleeves on his "I Love JB" sweater. "We owe this one to the Biebs," added another team source.

The reason for secrecy behind the Eagles-Bieber connection is unknown, but some speculate it has to do with Chip Kelly's method of coaching. Kelly is known for having loud music playing during team practices. It's only logical that Bieber's music could be the secret ingredient for the team's success.

Plus, there's even a connection with Bieber and the Eagles players. Several high profile players, including star left guard Evan Mathis, are avid followers of Bieber on Twitter. Another unnamed player went as far to say that "Bieber's melodies are beautiful - they're softer than Osi Umenyiora."

Biebers' hardcore fans, known as "Beliebers", love the Eagles as well. They were quick to weigh in on the Michael Vick/Nick Foles Eagles quarterback debate in the summer.

It remains to be seen how Bieber's retirement impacts the Eagles team. Some think it will only give them more motivation to beat the Cowboys and clinch the NFC East lead.

An exclusive Bleeding Green Nation source reached out to Bieber for comment on his decision. According to our source, Bieber only had one thing he wanted to say. His response was brief, but clear.

"Beat Dallas."

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