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It's Time For The Eagles Festivus Airing Of Grievances

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December 23 is Festivus, and it's a tradition we celebrate each year here at BGN. In case you don't know what Festivus is, I'll let the great Frank Costanza explain it to you.

"At the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!"

The timing seems a little odd given the fact everyone is so hyped up about the Eagles' big win on Sunday Night Football. Your grievance doesn't have to with the Eagles, though. For example, mine is with something we've seen all season: the unreasonable "hot takes" on Chip Kelly. We've already covered this at BGN a few times, such as the time Nick Foles threw 7 TDs after two weeks of the Eagles struggling, and the time special guest writer Trev tore apart an ESPN hatchet job with a FJM column. Dave Mangels put together an excellent list of these "hot takes" against Chip Kelly in one single post. Look, Kelly isn't above criticism. But there's a reasonable approach to skepticism and that's not what happened as you can see in Dave's post.

So that's where my grievance starts. It's with all those people saying irrational things about Kelly. Phil Simms calling Kelly's offense a "bottom five" unit. Merril Hoge describing Kelly's offense as "vanilla". Gregg Easterbrook saying Kelly was "snookered" by Bill Belichick when the Eagles traded Isaac Sopoaga (who was a healthy scratch for the Patriots yesterday, by the way). The whole perception that Kelly was Steve Spurrier 2.0 for no real other reason than they both were successful in college and came to the NFL. The baseless "Kelly's offense won't work in the NFL" group think.

Kelly still hasn't achieved the ultimate goal yet. He still has some mountains to climb. But this season has proven he was a great hire by the Eagles. Kelly belongs in the NFL. He's proved all of the (unreasonable) doubters wrong.

There you have it. Now, it's your turn to air your grievances in the comments. It can be about anything you want: the Eagles, other Philadelphia sports teams, your cat, whatever. Just have fun with it.

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