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NFC Playoff Picture 2013: "We Want Dallas"

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The scoreboard read Eagles 33, Bears 3. The rout was on.

And then Eagles fans all across Lincoln Financial Field started to chant:

"We Want Dallas!"

Philadelphia is ready to see their 9-6 football team in the NFL playoffs. There's only one more obstacle in the way: the season finale showdown in Dallas. Winner takes the NFC East crown.

The Eagles win over the Bears didn't change too much from earlier in the day.. They still have to beat the Cowboys in Dallas next week in order to clinch the division. But given the way the Eagles routed the Bears, a team in the playoff hunt, and how Dallas struggled to beat the second worst team in the NFL on Sunday, it's hard not to be optimistic about the Eagles' chances.

The Eagles can clinch the division with either a win or a tie over the Cowboys. The Eagles would be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss to Dallas. The Eagles can't earn a wildcard spot or a first round bye at this point. Here's a full look at the NFC playoff picture:

1) Seattle Seahawks (12-3) - Clinched playoff berth
2) Carolina Panthers (11-4) - Clinched playoff berth
3) Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) - NFC East lead
4) Chicago Bears (8-7) - NFC North lead
5) San Francisco 49ers - Wildcard #1
6) New Orleans Saints - Wildcard #2

There were some "minor" added bonuses in the Eagles' win over the Bears. If the Eagles make the playoffs, they will enter the post-season as the #3 seed in the NFC. That means the Eagles would play the #6 seed in the first round of the playoffs. As of right now, that means the Eagles would play the New Orleans Saints in Philadelphia. Being the #3 seed also means avoiding the Seahawks in Seattle in the second round if the Eagles should find a way to win in the first round.

It's clear the fans are ready. Will the Eagles rise to the challenge?

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