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Eagles vs. Bears Final Score: Philadelphia Routs Chicago In Blowout Victory, 54-11

The Eagles put up over 500 yards of total offense in a blowout victory over the Chicago Bears.

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Pre-game context:

PHI: Cowboys won, so the Eagles are playing to win in order to potentially earn the #3 seed in the playoffs. Philly still needs to beat the Cowboys next week in Dallas to clinch the division.

CHI: The Lions and the Packers lost, which means the Bears could clinch the NFC North with a win over the Eagles.


Bears win the toss, elect to receive. Jay Cutler is sacked by Trent Cole on third down and Chicago punts. Bad kick, only goes for 29 yards.

Eagles first offensive possession. First play, big gain by LeSean McCoy! Looks like Chip got the "give the ball to Shady" memo. Eagles move even deeper into the redzone after a Nick Foles run. Third and goal, Foles rolls out and finds Cooper in the back of the endzone for a score! 24 TD to 2 INT for Foles now this year. Good start. 7-0, Eagles.

Eagles kickoff, Hester returns... fumble, Eagles recover! That's the only fumble Hester has in the past four years. Hot start for the Birds. The Eagles take over and the first pass is a big completion down the field to tight end Zach Ertz. Eagles in scoring position again. At the goal line, and McCoy punches it in for an easy score. 14-0, Eagles .

Bears take over for their second offensive possession. Not much going and they have to punt.

The Eagles love being on offense, so that's where they are yet again. Eagles driving. Facing a fourth down in field goal territory. Instead of kicking they go for it. A run from Shady is good for a conversion. Eagles are in the redzone yet again, but facing a third down from 10 yards out. No matter. Foles passes to Celek who waltzes into the endzone with ease. Big lead here. 21-0, Eagles.

Bears up. They need to show something here.


Not too much going for the Bears yet again. Earl Wolff helps break up a pass on third down. Chicago punt. The ball is downed deep in Eagles territory at the 8 yard line.

Eagles up and it's a long field to work with. Philly moves the ball 40 yards down the field before facing a 4th and 1. This time the Eagles decide to punt instead of going for it.

Chicago ball. Patrick Chung is in for Earl Wolff, who appeared shaken up on the previous drive. A key Cary Williams deflection forces Chicago into a third down. Alshon Jeffrey converts. The Bears are finally finding some success on offense. Trent Cole notches another sack after Chicago gets a big gain. Next play, another sack: this time it's Mychal Kendricks. Bears facing 3rd and 28. A pass falls incomplete and Chicago punts.

Eagles take over on a long field. Driving. A healthy mix of Shady and some Foles throws has the Eagles moving down the field. Philly gets into FG position, but faces a fourth down. Henery's 49 FG attempt is good. Still a three possession game. 24-0, Eagles.

Bears take over with 58 seconds left in the first half and only one timeout. The Bears drive into FG range and get kick a FG to get on the boards. 24-3, Eagles.


Eagles ball to start the second half. The Eagles gather a few first downs but then LeSean McCoy fumbles. The Bears recover. It looks like Shady's knee may have been down, so Chip throws the challenge flag. But the refs say it's not a challengeable play, so the Eagles are charged a timeout. But then the refs go and review the play on their own. And then the ruling is overturned. Still Eagles ball, still charged the timeout. Dumb rule.

Eagles end up having to punt a few plays later. The combination of the punt and coverage is a beauty. Brandon Boykin prevents the ball from going into the endzone for a touchback and Roc Carmichael downs it at the 2 yard line.

Bears take over pinned in their own territory. First play, Cedric Thornton stuffs Matt Forte in his own endzone. The refs rule it at the half yard line, but on the replay it looks like a safety. Chip Kelly throws his challenge flag and the play goes under review. The call is... overturned! It's a safety. Two points for the Eagles. Thornton is a beast. 26-3, Eagles.

Eagles receive off the free kick. A 32 yard Foles pass to Cooper puts the Eagles in scoring territory. A short run from McCoy punches it in for the score at the goal line. The rout is on. 33-3, Eagles.

Bears ball. Chicago goes three and out after a Mychal Kendricks sack/fumble is recovered by the Bears on a failed third down attempt. Punt.

Eagles ball and the starters are still in. Foles complete a pass to Celek, who takes two steps and then fumbles as he's being tackled. Chicago recovers. That's only Celek's second career fumble of his seven year career.

Bears take over. Chicago slowly moving the ball. Trent Cole notches yet another sack, which is the third of the game for him. He's still got it. Bears go for it on 4th and 9, and they get it. Deep into scoring territory now. Cutler throws a short TD completion to Brandon Marshall. Bears goes for the two point conversion and it's good. 33-11, Bears.


Eagles ball. Good time for Philadelphia to run the clock and move the chains. A healthy mix of LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown helps the Eagles move the chains. In an effort to share the love, Chris Polk gets mixed in too. A 10 yard TD run from Polk gives the Eagles yet another score. 40-11, Eagles.

Polk shows up again with a big hit on the kickoff return. Bears take over. Cutler throws a pick-six to none of than the BOYKING. Brandon Boykin returns the interception 54 yards for the score. To this point, the Eagles defense has allowed 11 points and scored 9. Not too shabby. 47-11, Eagles.

Bears take over but have to punt.

Eagles take over. Michael Vick is in. Starters out. Bryce Brown takes it to the house for a 65 yard TD. Are the Bears still playing? 54-11, Eagles.

Garbage time action. Nothing relevant here. Eagles kneel the ball to win the game.



What a win. Philadelphia may not have clinched a playoff spot (yet), but they did clinch a winning record for the season. That's big.

The Eagles stomped an 8-6 Chicago Bears team that was fighting to clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Eagles. Earlier in the day, the Cowboys struggled to beat the second worst team in the NFL.

Assuming the Eagles win the division and make the playoffs, this win puts them in a great position to secure that #3 seed in the NFC.

It also comes down to Sunday Night Football next week. Winner takes the NFC East Crown.

Stay tuned to BGN for more Eagles coverage.

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